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The chance for more turnover

Nothing is closer to the customer's field of vision than the sales-promoting surface on the counter. The counter surface offers unlimited opportunities for additional turnover, which are supported with the help of acrylic counter displays.

The POS counter presenter is one of many sales boosters from the FMU GmbH range that has been specially developed for this task. With its handy circumference of 420 mm width and 365 mm depth as well as height, it fits on every counter and still offers plenty of volume for seasonal articles and important secondary placements.

As standard, it is equipped with 3 transparent trays on which different goods can be offered. If one tray is omitted, there is also room for products that are somewhat higher. As an option, the counter display can be equipped with a wooden slatted shelf, which offers further possibilities for product presentation. Since it is closed at the front and operated from the back, food on display is presented and protected at the same time. Small rubber studs on the base ensure that the display stands on the counter without slipping or standing. The trays are arranged at a slight angle for best product visibility.

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