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Presenting made easy

Theme shops, seasonal articles, special offers, the presentation and introduction of new products or other specials: these should and must be brought into the customer's field of vision and put in front of him, so to speak. No sales aid is better suited for this task than a counter presenter that can be placed anywhere on the counter.

The latest member from FMU GmbH is a counter display made of acrylic, which brings themed shops closer to the customer in a decorative way. The counter display itself, almost invisible due to its transparent material, draws the focus to the goods on display. On two levels and with a length of 610 mm, a total depth of 400 mm and a total height of 300 mm, it has plenty of space. A large quantity of packaged goods can be displayed in it. If there is less space available, this counter display is also available in a smaller version or, on customer request, with individual dimensions.

In addition to the actual purpose of drawing attention to special promotions and thus generating more sales, the display also serves as decoration.

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