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Snack aids - the perfect, delicious waves

For the perfect presentation of snacks such as sandwiches, hot dogs or sandwiches, FMU GmbH offers flexible snack aids made of high-quality premium plastic. The universally applicable snack aids are often referred to as snack waves due to their zigzag or wave shape. It is precisely this special shape with its direct orientation towards the customer that makes it possible to present the goods on offer in an even more appetising and irresistible way.


The snack aids from FMU GmbH are made of 5 mm premium plastic. Its fine grain also ensures an outstanding appearance and guarantees perfect product presentation without fingerprints. The high-quality material supports the hygienic presentation of food, is very robust, particularly durable and resistant to scratches. A major advantage is that plastic does not release moisture into the goods when used in refrigeration. This means that the rolls remain crispy and fresh when using the FMU snack aids.


The snack aids are available as standard in a narrow version of 85 mm or in a wider version of 172 mm. They are available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 tabs. In addition to the standard range, FMU has already realised many special sizes on customer request.


Snack aids are light, stackable, universally applicable and very practical. They never fail to make a big impact in a small space.

© FMU GmbH

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